Our Solutions

Our Solutions

We are a trusted provider of IFRS 9 compliant Expected Credit Loss (ECL) calculations and tools for all financial asset classes to both corporations and auditors. Our DNA is to communicate the complex world of credit in plain English to support CFOs and auditors. Our depth of credit and audit requirement experience, together with a range of leading tools is unique in the marketplace.

ECL calculations are complex and each balance sheet line item may require different tools, skills, data and techniques to calculate reliably.

We use the appropriate software and techniques for each balance sheet line item that needs to be measured. The mix of best of breed software and underlying pool of relevant data provides trusted, statistically sound and justifiable results that would normally be unaffordable outside of the largest financial institutions.

Our software rich solutions allow you to benefit from our economies of scale. The value added analytical insights transform a compliance cost into an opportunity for significant business enhancement.


Firms can safely refer their clients to i9 Partners

We do not compete and we are leaders in the field of ECL calculations for IFRS 9. In addition, firms…


i9 Partners provides a comprehensive IFRS 9 solution to all corporations and organisations

Our solution includes the following line items…

Financial Institutions

Comprehensive IFRS 9 solution on all financial asset classes

i9 Partners provide a comprehensive IFRS 9 solution on all financial asset classes on the balance sheet, with a specific…

Specialised Solutions

Our solutions are developed to cater for niche industries

We have developed specific solutions for certain industries. These solutions are either based on unique requirements…